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#########   All The boards are or will be moderated. Please read and follow the rules:  #########


You MUST be 18 years old to enter the boards tagged "18+".

DO NOT upload, post, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates the law. Underage nudity (this includes wet, see-through clothing) & lewd comments are strictly forbidden. No requesting or sharing personal information like surnames, addresses, Facebooks, social network accounts, etc. Post only in English.

No spam. No floods. No flames or Trolling. No age discussion. No stupid, excessive or blind bumps. No requests for trading outside the website. No impersonating administrators and moderators.

DO NOT start a thread if you don't have at least 3 related pictures or a video to post in it. New threads containing only 1 single pic, without links or more pictures, will be deleted.

Reliable PPD File hosts links are allowed. Approved Link redirectors and shorteners are also allowed, but abuse (link loops, abusive waiting, too slow downloads...) will be deleted. Always add a sample picture, a description of your link content, and password (if needed). Keep all your related links on the same thread, don't start a new thread for each link (don't flood). Links to other forums, chans or blogs are Strictily not allowed.

Don't act like a bot/spammer. We are a community. Be friendly, say "thank you" if you liked someone's contributions! always apreciate

Take care of copyright. Try to enjoy the models and promote them without stealing their work.


[We will check every Link re-directors and shorteners before approved ]

 Adf-ly/short-st Type Money Link shorteners  NOT Allowed
 If you use Link re-directors & Shorteners to your own site u will be banned forever.


## Hot-linking & Spamming NOT Allowed
## Your own Watermarked images  NOT Allowed

Board for pictures and links of no-nude teens. "No CP" Post only "teens". keep in mind under 10-year-old is NOT a teen.

Board for requesting more, sources or information about pictures/sets/videos. You can start a thread with a single image here.

All rest of Categories are for XXX NUDE [18+]


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## To quote a post, click on its ID number. This will create a clickable link to the post in your message. You can also do it manually typing ">>" before the ID number of the post you want to quote.


If you think someone has posted spam, or illegal content, or pictures that you feel jeopardize or violated the privacy of yourself or someone you know, you can do a appeal for the posts to be removed. Select the posts and fill the reporting form at the bottom of the board, or email us and we will review and remove them as soon as possible. Please add a reason, why the pictures or posts should be deleted.

For Copyright take down requests, please contact the file-host service where the content is located.


BestChan does not require registration in order to upload images, so it doesn't record any email addresses.

BestChan do not collect any personally identifiable data on people who view images. However, when visitor uploads images to our server information about visitor is recorded so in case of abuse of terms of service our staff can easily identify and block offending user. Information about uploader is available only to staff members that do moderation of images, that information will not be displayed anywhere in public or given to anyone.

Anonymous Image Board

What cannot be uploaded to BestChan servers:-

## Copyrighted content if you don’t own copyright for it.
## images videos related to CP, PTHC,Violence, Gore, scat,vomit,zoophilla, extreme bizarre, racial  intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization.
## Any other images that might be considered illegal in your country or any where.
## All uploaded images are checked by staff and images that violate terms will be removed without warning and uploader of such images might be banned from BestChan

Email us if you have comments or suggestions and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.